The “Generations” booth at the Simi Valley Quilt Show

This is the post excerpt.

This is my very first blog post.  For those who don’t know our background, Gramma, Mom, and I started the “Generations” business about 7 years ago.  This began from a need for some green fabric that I couldn’t find in the right color.  Gramma told me to show her the color and she would dye me some.  Yay for me!

You see Gramma owned a weaving store in Santa Ana, CA named “Casa de las Tejedoras” or House of the Weavers.  She opened it just after I was born and both Mom and I worked for her since I was 5.  Gramma would teach weaving, spinning, dyeing and just about anything that looked like it would be fun.

Gramma would dye my jeans for me when I was in high school – that was before it was fashionable to do that. She would go to the cabin in Running Springs and dye her wool or anything else that fell in the pot. She liked the water better up in the mountains and thought it gave a better color.

Mom and I always tagged along to help our to make samples for her and always had a great time.  She finally closed the shop after about 30 years and we brought everything  home.  Since then we have been on the road doing shows and selling our wares.

We can’t go too far from home because I do have a day job as a middle school teacher at a Lutheran school in Anaheim.  My principal is very gracious in giving me days off to go to an event but now we also have a 6 year old son who I would like to see grow up as well.

I am not good at working on websites and all due to grading papers, lesson plans, piano lessons, baseball games, gymnastics, etc.  You get the point.

I will try to do this blog however.  It seems simple enough to that even I can get some time in for it.  Thanks to everyone for all their patience and support  over the years.


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